Friday, January 28, 2011

Vincent on The Streets

Pretty self-explanatory blog. The title says it all. I love when new photos of Vincent come out of him walking on the streets, usually alone. Pictures with the kids are nice too because he looks happy with them, but I like watching him walk alone. I have no idea why, but I like it. There's just something about him - the way he wears all black 99% of the time that makes a goofy grin appear on my face.


  1. i really like to see him in chill mode to,and im grinning right along with ya,i love that he wears black....alot!!!..*thud*

  2. Was unable to see this pic, but if he's in black, I know he's HOT!! FYI-I'm crazyforloci in fanfic. Love your videos too.

  3. Mhm, alone in the street. Great picture collection.

  4. Wow, I didn't think there were that many of him in the street.
    The one picture of him in his camo shorts and black T. Lord have mercy! "goofy grin" will remain for the day. Thanks for that. lol

  5. I can only see black, too, and sadly it's not Vincent's clothes.

  6. greeneyesbell1- Thanks. Don't you just love it when he wears black. =)

    Pat - Hey!!! *waves* Nice to see ya. I wonder why you can't view the pics. It's a Photobucket slideshow of several pics... Hmm.

    havers - Thanks!

    Beverly - Oh yeah, there's quite a few. In fact I didn't add all of them to this slideshow. And that one of him in the camo shorts and black T-shirt and his big coffee and cigarettes is my favorite pic of him ever!!!

    val - You can't view the slideshow either? Weird. I'm sorry. I have no idea why...