Saturday, January 15, 2011

Picture of Vincent in Australia

I was scrolling through Twitter and noticed havers had posted a link to a picture of Vincent and his daughter in Australia. Someone took the photo and posted it to their Facebook page. This is not my photo. I do not own it. I did not take it. I'm just borrowing it to allow others to see how yummy he looks! Love the shorts and the relaxed look on his face. I can't stop staring at his shins and calf's. =X


  1. he looks really good,he looks happy,hes in major chill mode.Leila is very pretty to..

  2. "Shins and Calves" We don't call him Sex on legs for nothing!

    I'm kinda diggin' the hat too!

  3. greeneyesbell1 - I know. He looks really happy. I love it!

    Beverly - Amen!!! And I kind of like the hat too. It just...suits him. =)