Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to all! Oh, god, to have a Christmas tree full of this!

 If you guys are wondering what to get me for Christmas, here's a great gift idea:

However, if I can't have our lovely Bobby for Christmas, then all I want for Christmas is an amazing Season 10 of Criminal Intent (and because I am a total shipper) some BA love as well.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Goren's Back

This is more a less a challenge from Criminal Intent Musings. What's the challenge? If you have a favorite picture of Goren's back, post it on your blog and then return to Criminal Intent Musings' blog and add your link so everyone can enjoy.

It sounded simple enough, I knew the exact shot I had in mind because it's always been a favorite and I love this episode. Well, it turns out I didn't have a picture of it. So I ended up buying the episode, Depths, on iTunes and then spending hours and hours doing screen caps. One screen cap turned into another and before I knew it, I had hundreds of screen caps of him!

Anyway, here is the picture I chose:

And because I can, I just have to add one more:


Well, it is a picture of his back...side. =)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Size 13 Prompted by Jones

People seem to love to talk about Vincent's size 13's and as I sit here at this very moment, I can't help but smile at the fact that I do too. I grin like a fool in love every time I see his feet - or for that matter - every time someone even mentions them in passing (dare I say no pun intended). I swear I don't have a foot fetish, but after the episode Jones, well, it's his fault we've all come to love his feet! The thing I find even more amusing is that he knows we do! He's not stupid, he's not ignorant, he knows!

It doesn't come as a shock to me that people are aware of the sheer size of him. I've taken notice as have all of you. The size of his feet, for me anyway, became well-known (practically a celebrity in themselves) after the Jones episode aired. But I have to ask you, did you ever sit back and think about the actor, Griffin Dunne, that played Henry Talbott? That poor man! I know it's just acting, but I seriously wonder if that had any affect on his relationships with women. After the small feet and hands comment by Goren, well, hello!!! I mean the guy is small! Oh, to see the behind the scenes for this episode! LOL

Anyway, to point out some of my favorite screen caps from this episode, I put together a little collage so to speak. You know the scene it entitles. Enjoy and hopefully smile. =) I'm sure I will actually post pictures of his feet as time passes, but I wanted to keep this strictly dealing with this episode.

The words: snug fit, tight missile and I wear a 13 come to mind here. LOL

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Jealousy (n): 1. jealous resentment against a rival, a person enjoying success or advantage, etc., or against another's success or advantage itself. 2. mental uneasiness from suspicion or fear of rivalry, unfaithfulness, etc., as in love or aims. 3. vigilance in maintaining or guarding something. 4. a jealous feeling, disposition, state, or mood.

I've never considered myself a jealous person, especially over another woman, but I'll make an exception:

 This is not mine, I found it years ago. So whomever made it, thanks! This is smokin' hot action!

In my opinion, she was a nut! But I'm still jealous!

Oh, to be touched by him!

Do I really need to say it again?

 How can I not be jealous! I know you all are, too!

 Oh. My. God. That tongue!

I always melt when I watch this scene. Oh, gosh, the way he's laying and she's pressed up against him. And those lips, those arms, those hands, that tongue! I love that his eyes are closed, too.

Yeah, I'm even jealous of his wife. Are they even touching in this pic? Don't care! She's still standing next to him!

 Hell, thanks to The Velocity of Gary I'm even jealous of a man.

Apparently I have a lot to be jealous about...and with good reason!

© Some photo's courtesy of TheReel. I was granted permission to 
use their photos in my blog and will use them periodically. You 
can find them at: The Reel and a permanent link will be posted at 
the bottom of my blog. Thanks!  

Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Vincent Banner

Havers, being the awesome person that she is, made me a banner so that I now have one to go along with my blog. I was so excited when she sent me a link on twitter to my new banner that I knew I had to do a blog to properly thank her!

So what do you guys think? Like it? I think she did an awesome job on it! Thanks again to you, havers! You're awesome!

To all my followers, I would like to suggest that you follow her blog: Lovely Kathryn.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

 Looks like Vincent approves of the banner as well! =)

Monday, November 29, 2010

All Things Vincent

 'All Things Vincent' Introduction:

Who am I?

All Things Vincent is the title of my new blog. It honestly didn't take me very long to come up with this. I hope no one else out there is using this name. I don't believe anyone is, but you never know...

Anyway, my blog and blogger name have a kind of theme about them. For all you X-Files fans out there, I hope you figured it out by now. As much as I love Vincent D'Onofrio and Criminal Intent, my first love was The X-Files. Notice the past tense by the way. =)

I know a few people have wondered about my name and finally built up the courage to ask me. For those of you still wondering, a little explanation before I get on with bigger and better things (hint: VDO because he's bigger and most definitely better). For those of you that don't give a shit and just want me to get on with Vincent, just hold on for a few minutes while I ramble on for a few paragraphs. LOL

OuroborosSnyder is my name. Well, not entirely. I first learned of the word 'ouroboros' from an episode of The X-Files, episode: Never Again (season 4). To make a long story short, Scully got a tattoo of an ouroboros. What does an ouroboros look like? Well, there isn't one picture that dictates what the design should exactly be per se.  Scully's was simplified, but here's what one can look like:

What is an ouroboros? If you're that interested, you can read here: Ouroboros. Basically, it's a dragon or a snake (serpent) devouring it's tail. That's the simplified version, but it symbolizes the re-creating of ones self and denotes eternity or eternal life. Get it? =)

Now that we have the ouroboros part covered, what's Snyder? There's nothing too it, really. If you haven't notice by now, I sign everything at the end with ~Snyder~. Snyder is simply my name. To be more specific, my last name. Years and years ago, I put the two words together and, voila, I got the name OuroborosSnyder that I now use all around the internet.

Why did I choose 'All Things Vincent' as a title to my blog? All Things, actually known as 'all things' (all lowercase), was an episode of the X-Files that all true fans know about. It's possibly the episode in explaining a lot about the show (or at least how the relationship between Mulder and Scully got started). Gillian Anderson wrote the episode and made sure that it was known that the episode was all in lowercase, however I changed it. I originally put it in lowercase, but it didn't look right.

So there you have it. I hope to create a blog picture like all you other people out there with awesome Vincent blogs have, but I'm not superb with it comes to photoshop. Actually, I quite suck. LOL. Hopefully I'll be able to come up with something though - maybe even incorporate an ouroboros in there somewhere. =)

Well, after torturing you with my story, I think you deserve some pictures, don't you think?

Nothing too special this time - just some yummy pictures I picked out that I enjoy looking at. Actually, every picture of Vincent is special IMO. =)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wishing You A Better Thanksgiving Than Bobby Had...

First of all, I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

And because I just have to mention Vincent one way or another, I hope you have a better Thanksgiving than Bobby did in the episode The War at Home.  Vincent, where ever you are, Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Here are some pictures of our poor man from the episode TWAH. Best wishes everyone!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Vincent at the New York City Horror Film Festival

A quick, unexpected post from me early in the morning. Again, thanks to TheReel for the link as well as NYCHFF

He looks amazing as always! I can't post all the pics, but these are some of the good ones. The link above contains all of them. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Vincent at the Naples Film Festival

I recently discovered some new pictures of Vincent D'Onofrio thanks to thereel (@reelblog) on Twitter and I thought I'd share them with you.

Before I begin, however, I'd just like to say I'm going to try this whole blog thing and see how it works out. I hope to do an update once a week and, yes, it will pretty much be all about Vincent D'Onofrio. Please follow my blog and give it a chance... You can always unfollow if it's that bad. =)  Thanks for reading.

Now to the pictures:

Vincent D'Onofrio at the Naples Film Festival (supposedly this is day 2 into the festival)

I absolutely love this picture. It's too adorable! I keep staring at his wedding ring, maybe I'm a masochist, but doesn't it look loose to you? Hmm, Vincent, have you been on a diet?

 Another yummy photo. I like this shot, too.

Hmm, size 13's anyone?

 Big hands, too!

 *Sighs* Too perfect for words.

 I love the way he's leaning back in this photo - I just wish it was me he was leaning back on. Oh, please, like you weren't thinking the same thing!

Have an itch? I can help! And, gosh, look at that smile! It makes me want to melt...and those curls!

 I need to do some research, but does anyone know who this guy is? There are a lot of photo's of him and Vincent talking.

Ah, one of the many expressions of Vincent.

 Is it weird if I say I love his pearly white teeth? Hmm...

And lastly, a full-body shot (or almost full).

All photo's copyright WILKINSON 2010. There are many more photo's, but I had to narrow it down, so I chose a few of my favorite.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Criminal Intent - This Is Your Life

Apparently I'm going to post something everytime I upload a video to youtube. LOL But I don't bother for fanfic.

Anyway, here's my 2nd Criminal Intent fanvid. I hope you enjoy. "This Is Your Life" by Switchfoot.

Criminal Intent - This Is Your Life


Saturday, July 17, 2010

My First Criminal Intent Video

I don't usually plug my stuff, but I'm going to this time. I posted my first Criminal Intent video on YouTube this morning. Yay for me. I was a little timid, it took me hours to do, but I'm pretty satisfied with it. Take a look if you like. Thanks for watching.

Criminal Intent - A New Day Has Come


Friday, July 9, 2010


Like so many other people out there, I too am a fan of Youtube.  Oh, the possibilities it brings.  You can listen/watch music videos, find previews for your favorite shows, and if you're lucky, even watch some episodes.

It's also entertaining.  Here's a great example of the entertainment it can bring: One day before my law class began, my friend and I were getting antsy.  So what did we do?  We pulled up youtube on the professors computer.  Now, mind you, this computer was hooked to 2 different classrooms and anything we pulled up (since it was a DE...Distance Education class), showed up in the other classroom in another campus as well.  So, like two geniuses that we were, we searched "dumb cheerleaders," "funny videos," and yes, "dumb blondes." Oh, gosh, the fun we had.  And while one of the most epic dumb blonde videos was playing (link provided at the bottom), our professor walks in. Picture a giant projector screen covering most of the front of the classroom with a, well, not-so-smart person on Are You Smart Than A 5th Grader? front and center.  Our professor literally stopped mid-stepped and watched what we were playing on technically his computer.  And not thinking about it until the tech guy came in, oh lord, those poor students in the other classroom.  They didn't see our teacher so they weren't sure why the hell that particular video was playing.  Torn between the horror of this moron on their screen, they were trying to decide whether or not they needed to take notes. LOL

Well, you can imagine the scene.  I really don't think I need to describe the rest of if for you, but we played about 15 different videos until our professor walked in.

So why am I mentioning youtube? Because there has always been something I've wanted to do.  I love watching fanvids (usually Criminal Intent and, of course, Bobby and Alex).  I ship them, I do.  I love to watch them on screen and I love to see what kind of videos the loyal Criminal Intent fans can put together to bring me to tears.  The song choice is everything in my opinion.  You can have the best scenes from the series with a very well put together video, but if the song just doesn't work (for me anyway), then the video doesn't work.  And I can't tell you the number of times I've ended up buying a song on iTunes because of how much I loved it in a Criminal Intent fanvid someone just did.

So, I want to make youtube videos.  I want to put clips together and make other people cry for once!   As someone once told me, some people make youtube videos which bring people to tears and others write fanfics; I do the latter but would like to try the former.  I have a list of songs in mind.  In fact, I've been making a list of songs I would like to use over the years and have slowly been asking other people to use the songs to make the video for me.  So, I need help.  I don't know how to do any of this but I'm up to the challenge...


Friday, July 2, 2010

A Reason

So, I'm being lazy tonight.  I'm trying to work on another blog, so I'm going to cheat on this one.  A brief, boring explanation.

I had originally opened up an account under another name so I could remain anonymous.  Here was my first post on my now former blog:
"I found myself always wanting to post something, a blog really, about anything. A few sentences here and there to a dozen or so paragraphs that will inevitably turn into rants about a certain subject (or subjects). Most ideas are simply a random thought that come to me and I wish to get out with words. Due to having friends and family know the websites I mostly blog on, however, I wanted something that was anonymous. I want to shout from the rooftops what I'm thinking at a precise moment and not have to worry about who's reading; and not have anyone [that I know] judge me for it.

So here I am. I'm not really sure who will read this, if anyone, but that's okay. Posting for other viewers, er, readings isn't really my goal. If by chance even one person reads this and is intrigued, than I'm impressed.

I have ideas, oh boy, do I! I want to write so badly it's killing me, but first I had to pick a 'name.' Well, I knew right away that my 'codename' or 'username' I usually use on all the websites I so often visit, I definitely did not want to use here. I wanted to come up with something ingenious. I was thinking two words that showed alliteration. Besides, alliteration sounds cool, looks cool, right? Hmm, maybe not. After an hour or so of pondering, I found myself frowning. It's a damn name after all; or maybe just the title of my blog. I'm not really sure, I'm new on here. So I choose 'Astray Jargon.' I thought it was clever, although some may beg to differ. But that's okay; I like it. You can figure out what it means for yourself, it's not rocket science. After a few blogs, you'll understand why I chose those words.

So, by the time I got all this figured out and wrote up to this very sentence, I found myself wondering if I should add anymore or wait for another post. Besides, all good things must come to those that wait, right? I think I'll leave this as is for now. I have no idea where this will take me, no more than I know what I'll write about the next day or the next. I don't know how much or often I'll post nor how well it'll be written or how interesting the ideology will be, but I can promise you one thing: Most posts will be random with a side of interesting, tiresome, and something that you may just never get. Some will leave you thinking for hours after because I just love to get people thinking about the most insignificant of topics. But then, is any topic insignificant? Like I said before, my ideas come from like many others out there: off the top of my head. Yes, I control what I write, but I do not control where my muse takes me. So enjoy the ride and all the other interesting things that come with it."

Well, obviously I'm not 'Astray Jargon' anymore.  I decided after a few days not to have 2 blogs.  Besides, what do I really have to hide?  I don't intend on many, if anyone to read this still, so I think I'm safe.  A lot of people do know me by OuroborosSnyder but that's okay, too.  I mainly try and hide from family, I'm sure you all know how it is.  Anyway, that's enough for tonight. Take care!  I promise later on my blogs with be more...entertaining with yummy pics of, well, I'm sure you know who. =)