Friday, July 2, 2010

A Reason

So, I'm being lazy tonight.  I'm trying to work on another blog, so I'm going to cheat on this one.  A brief, boring explanation.

I had originally opened up an account under another name so I could remain anonymous.  Here was my first post on my now former blog:
"I found myself always wanting to post something, a blog really, about anything. A few sentences here and there to a dozen or so paragraphs that will inevitably turn into rants about a certain subject (or subjects). Most ideas are simply a random thought that come to me and I wish to get out with words. Due to having friends and family know the websites I mostly blog on, however, I wanted something that was anonymous. I want to shout from the rooftops what I'm thinking at a precise moment and not have to worry about who's reading; and not have anyone [that I know] judge me for it.

So here I am. I'm not really sure who will read this, if anyone, but that's okay. Posting for other viewers, er, readings isn't really my goal. If by chance even one person reads this and is intrigued, than I'm impressed.

I have ideas, oh boy, do I! I want to write so badly it's killing me, but first I had to pick a 'name.' Well, I knew right away that my 'codename' or 'username' I usually use on all the websites I so often visit, I definitely did not want to use here. I wanted to come up with something ingenious. I was thinking two words that showed alliteration. Besides, alliteration sounds cool, looks cool, right? Hmm, maybe not. After an hour or so of pondering, I found myself frowning. It's a damn name after all; or maybe just the title of my blog. I'm not really sure, I'm new on here. So I choose 'Astray Jargon.' I thought it was clever, although some may beg to differ. But that's okay; I like it. You can figure out what it means for yourself, it's not rocket science. After a few blogs, you'll understand why I chose those words.

So, by the time I got all this figured out and wrote up to this very sentence, I found myself wondering if I should add anymore or wait for another post. Besides, all good things must come to those that wait, right? I think I'll leave this as is for now. I have no idea where this will take me, no more than I know what I'll write about the next day or the next. I don't know how much or often I'll post nor how well it'll be written or how interesting the ideology will be, but I can promise you one thing: Most posts will be random with a side of interesting, tiresome, and something that you may just never get. Some will leave you thinking for hours after because I just love to get people thinking about the most insignificant of topics. But then, is any topic insignificant? Like I said before, my ideas come from like many others out there: off the top of my head. Yes, I control what I write, but I do not control where my muse takes me. So enjoy the ride and all the other interesting things that come with it."

Well, obviously I'm not 'Astray Jargon' anymore.  I decided after a few days not to have 2 blogs.  Besides, what do I really have to hide?  I don't intend on many, if anyone to read this still, so I think I'm safe.  A lot of people do know me by OuroborosSnyder but that's okay, too.  I mainly try and hide from family, I'm sure you all know how it is.  Anyway, that's enough for tonight. Take care!  I promise later on my blogs with be more...entertaining with yummy pics of, well, I'm sure you know who. =)


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