Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Goren's Back

This is more a less a challenge from Criminal Intent Musings. What's the challenge? If you have a favorite picture of Goren's back, post it on your blog and then return to Criminal Intent Musings' blog and add your link so everyone can enjoy.

It sounded simple enough, I knew the exact shot I had in mind because it's always been a favorite and I love this episode. Well, it turns out I didn't have a picture of it. So I ended up buying the episode, Depths, on iTunes and then spending hours and hours doing screen caps. One screen cap turned into another and before I knew it, I had hundreds of screen caps of him!

Anyway, here is the picture I chose:

And because I can, I just have to add one more:


Well, it is a picture of his back...side. =)


  1. Oh my...that will be an amazing collection. Love these two adds.

  2. Like the man himself, YOUR choices are magnificent!

  3. OHhhh, Snyder, Depths is my absolutely favorite "hot Bobby" episode. I could watch it over and over and... This ep. was the first place I looked for my "back" cap as well.
    These caps are great. Good job! But that "bottom" shot is Fab-u-lous!

  4. Whoa Snyder! Have always loved that first one, but have never noticed the second. ooophfff! Way to go!! And about the screen-capping; It's like eating chips, you can't stop at one!
    Thanks so much for "playing"!

  5. Love this episode,and that first back shot,woooo!!,(its getting hot in here)lol...FANTASTIC!..that back and those shoulders..*sigh*...and that second pic,welll...it goes without saying why its absolutly delish,hehe...another job well done my dear...:)

  6. havers - It most definitely is. A lot of ass shots of him. =X Whoops! *blushes* Glad you like.

    vivB - Thank you, Viv.

    SnarkAngel - It's good to see you on here! I know you've been really busy. Glad you like my choices. There were so many to choose from!

    Beverly - Mine too! Omg, for some reason in Depths (and the episode Want) he looks amazing!!! *growls* Great minds think alike! Thanks, I like that 'bottom' shit, too.

    Quietfire - Welcome to my blog and thanks for the follow! Yes, isn't that first one awesome. What's not to love? I love how we can see his butt, too and his sleeves are rolled. Yummy! As for the screen caps, you're very right about that. =)

    greeneyesbell - I think everyone loves this episode. I know you enjoyed the back shots of Bobby. Of course *ponders* who doesn't? =) And thanks!


  7. Oh THUD. Not. Able. To. Say. Anything. Coherent.