Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Property of Alexandra Eames

Because I can, so I did. =) It's been a while since I've posted, just letting you guys know I'm still alive...guess this is better than nothing.


  1. Hehehe, love the cap and line.

  2. much better than nothing :) quite a dish, anyway

  3. You just made my night. Just got to work and will be smiling all weekend. Thank you. Happy you're still alive, looking for new story from you on fanfic.

  4. If you could just remove the clothes...

    Your blog won't let me comment with my blogger account!

  5. Oh, that was Val. So is this.

  6. Its nice to hear from you again Snyder. Nice picture and caption. Boy, I miss them and I've missed you.

  7. Havers - Thanks. I'm quite fond of it too. =)

    Anonymous - Thanks =) LOL

    Pat - Glad you're still around! Thanks... Not sure when I'll be writing again. It's completely come to a halt. =(

    Anonymous - Oh, yeah. I agree. Damn, this pic with no clothes. I think I'd die. Hmm...That's weird you can't comment on my blog with your name. Anyone know why this could be?

    Anonymous - Val? You were the one that commented above. Oh lord, it's too late for me to be thinking. LOL

    sandy - Thanks! It's good to hear from you, too! I miss them too. It's so more Goren and Eames...