Monday, June 20, 2011

One More To Go: My Thoughts on LOCI

As most of you know, Law and Order: Criminal Intent is coming to an end once and for all. For me it's a little hard to imagine the show ending; it's doing so well and the fans want more. I can tell by the blog posts, the comments on Facebook and the tweets on Twitter that people want more LOCI. But then I think about all we, as fans, have been through the past couple years and I feel as though it's a good thing. I'm sick of being jerked around and getting my hopes up that there may or may not be another season, that this and that may happen, etc. What really made me lose respect for...(I'm honestly not even sure who to blame here) is when that Fire Sale happened. Really? After ten years that's how you want to go out? Everything you can fit into a box for $5. I must say, that really pissed me off! I'm still angry about it.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm happy it's ending. I can honestly say it feels like a final closure I didn't know I needed until now. Once next weeks episodes ends, I'm going to [try] and take a deep breath and be okay with it. I'm sure there will be tears, confusion and possibly even some anger, but I'll get over it eventually. As long as the ending is written well, I'll be happy. I don't want some weird, crappy ending that leaves me even more angry and wishing they would have left well enough alone way before they started season 10.

And I've been preparing myself for the end for awhile now. I really didn't expect it to be renewed for another season, but you never know. Nonetheless, they finally shot the last episode and all was where it should be. But then this Fire Sale comes about and they're all of a sudden going back to re-shoot the last episode. I have a feeling it's because they knew they weren't coming back. But, I mean, hello! It's got me wondering now what they changed. And, of course, the shipper in me is hoping for the best.

I don't know if anyone understands what I'm saying, but I swear my anxiety is worsening because of this damn show!

As far as this season is concerned, I haven't posted anything since it started but it seems to me people are loving it. What do you all think? Personally, I love the sessions with the shrink. It's kind of funny, really, because I thought I'd hate them. But I don't. I look forward to them every episode. I'll admit, though, that I haven't watched last weeks yet. I'm just so...flustered with everything that I'm kind of...temporarily paralyzed when it comes to LOCI. I can hardly watch the episodes, I can't read fanfic...and don't even ask me how my writing is coming along.

Anyway, I could continue to ramble, but I better stop. I have some theories as to how it's going to end...especially the way Goren is walking out of the building and Eames almost in tears again. But I guess we'll just have to wait until next week to see what happens. This week is going to go by so s-l-o-w. Again, I can't believe it's over, but I'm relieved in a way that it is.

Here are some screen caps I took off Spoiler TVs Promo for Episode 10.08 - To the Boy in the Blue Knit Cap:

Hail and farewell, Law and Order: Criminal Intent!


  1. I'm refusing to think about it for now..well, I think I am, but then I find I've been obsessing for a while and have to give myself a stern talking to. I said my goodbyes last season and was ok with it,then they came back and it threw me..the only ending I really want is no 'real' ending, just them carrying on as normal..what are the chances?

  2. I do understand what your saying,the yoyoing back and forth is nerve racking,i heard about the fire sale, sad its ending,but i just want,hope that it ends on some kind of positive note for Gore/Eames etc..The shrink sessions havn`t really bothered me,i tend to try and analyze things myself,so yeah...Sunday we will finally know what happens...Thanks for posting..:)

  3. I don't think Alex is in tears as she picked up Bobby.

    I don't know how I'll react next Monday. I hope I'm fine, but maybe there wil be tears. I think we'll get a better end than in Loyalty...ever end will be better than Loyalty, but they can do so much.

    I don't think they re-shot (changed) the end last Friday. It was maybe only a technical problem to redo a scene.

  4. Synder-Thank you for posting this. When I think of next Sunday, the song "Happy Ending" by Mika keeps running through my head. I feel I have lost my best friend.

  5. I feel the same way as Eliza. Just carry on, work as usual. Doesn't mean I'm not stressed out about the show ending though.
    I love the therapy sessions. Vincent is brilliant in them.

  6. Snyder, I have missed you and thank you for blogging on again. As you may remember, I too am a shipper and the episodes have had me happy one minute and very anxious the next. In regards to bobby's and Alex's relationship, I just want them to be happy, and preferably together at the end. It has been such great episodes; they seemed to be enjoying it so much. It is going to be such a long week! I hope Bobby doesn't quit or lose his job.

  7. I'm with Eliza - the end without the end - carrying on as usual as we fade to black.

  8. In her latest interview, Kate has said she hopes the fans put on the same pressure as before to get them back. Anyone up to arranging a campaign?

    Val (won't let me comment from my google account!)

  9. Eliza - I'm right there with you. I said goodbye, made my amends with it and then they're back and I feel so lost. Well, maybe not lost but frustrated works.

    Hmm...Not sure if I like them just carrying on as normal. I know a lot of people have said that but like...them just getting into the SUV and driving off? See, THAT would drive me nuts!

    greeneyesbell1 - Yeah, I've come around to the shrink session and actually really like them. My poor Bobby! I think he needs a hug...from Eames. =) LOL

    havers- She looks to be...upset to me. Possibly about something Bobby is about to do or just did?

    As far as the last episode, lord knows what's going to happen and how it's going to end. I'm so nervous.

    I swear they re-shot some scene...and I'm very curious to know which one it was. *shrugs*

    Pat - I understand completely. I'm really surprised they're stopping after only 8 episodes. It's very clear that Kathryn Erbe wants to do a season 11 and I'm sure Vincent D'Onofrio feels the same.

    Bev - So you're one of those carry on like it's not over people, eh? I think that ending would drive me nuts...them in the office working and the screen goes black. Or like I said to Eliza, them driving down the street in the SUV and the screen fades black. Ahh! I need some kind of closure here and that kind of an ending would kill me.

    Yes, the therapy sessions are a great part of every episode. Probably my favorite part.

    Sandy - Aw, missed you too! =)But I know what you mean about being happy one minute and very anxious the next. It's killing me!

    As far as Bobby and Alex, yes, I want them to be happy to, but like you said...preferable together works best for me. =)

    I'm betting on Bobby quitting or losing his job. I don't know, there's just something about the way he's walking out of the building and Eames with that look on her face. =(

    T'Jara - I've said it twice now and I guess I can say it one more time...NOOOOO! That kind of ending would drive me nuts (see my comments to Eliza and Bev). I need some closure and that ain't it.

    Anonymous - Oh, Val! LOL *waves* I noticed on Twitter that it looks like KE is ready for a season 11 and I believe VDO is too. I haven't been paying much attention but I know there's some campaigning going on on Twitter. Maybe check that out...?


  10. Snyder, I just read your comment about the SUV fading to black and felt so sorry for you! I actually prefer that ending to any other. If the two of them had ended up together, I would have been positive the series was over.

    After watching it tonight, I was really sad, but I felt like some of the true Goren and Eames had managed to return this season. She was her usual snarky self, and he used his physicality and unpredictability to play with the characters like he did in earlier seasons. They both just seemed happy to be there. And it's good that they were...for everybody.

    I think the ending they did was done that way purposefully. I'm still not convinced they've put a final nail in the coffin for this show. Knowing that Kate has said she wants to come back and she thinks Vincent feels the same way, knowing the ratings are up, knowing that everyone was happy with just eight episodes, it would make sense for the network to do a surprise renewal.

    Either way, I liked the ending. I like the thought of Bobby and Alex doing what they always do for a long time in the future. I also liked the idea of Goren continuing therapy and maybe learning how to balance the man with the cop, instead of the man being so repressed he only lashes out in anger. And the fact that he asked to come back to the same doctor? Well darn. Maybe our Bobby is capable of trusting someone other than just Eames. Either way, I can live with it, and I know I'll be bringing out my DVDs fairly regularly!

  11. I just posted but lost it, so I'll try again. I, too, hope you are not too disappointed in the ending, Snyder. I so much wanted him to kiss her. But you can't deny the "Alex" aqnd the looks they gave each other. And they definitely left it open for a series renewal. MY SHIPPY HEART IS OKAY TODAY BUT SO SAD IF INDEED WE HAVE TO SAY GOODBYE FOREVER. Would you be okay with a series renewal, Snyder? Hope I can get this comment to work this time.